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Born in Doncaster, Jay Baker has over ten years of experience as a documentarian, author, community worker, social justice campaigner, and social entrepreneur, having been instrumental in setting up numerous non-profit organisations before founding SilenceBreaker Media in 2010. He has devoted his life to information, dialogue, debate, and democracy at grassroots level, organising and hosting social justice events such as film festivals and concerts, speaking on podcasts and radio shows, and delivering media workshops.

Author of Pissing in the Mainstream, Jay’s other more dubious honours include being featured as a “public enemy” on fascist website Redwatch, having numerous songs written about him, being the inspiration for both a five-year long theatre project and the character of a “self-righteous left-wing blogger” in a novel, and having a “trading card” made of him by activists at Wilfrid Laurier University. Irreverent and tenacious, Jay’s passion for social justice through media inevitably manifests itself in the form of documentary for this Media Studies university degree drop-out.

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Jane Watkinson

Jane Watkinson has a first class degree in Sociology from the University of Leeds and passed with Distinction her Masters in Politics with Research Methods at the University of Sheffield.

Jane’s BA dissertation looked at similar issues to the documentary, regarding the problems around right-wing economics and the creation of unrealistic expectations regarding “beauty” related to the search for capitalist profit and exploitation, while her Masters research project examined how neoliberalism has affected the construction of “ideals” regarding work and the importance again placed on profit, in addition to long hours, insecure work and the financial sector, rather than the real economy, and how oppositional forces within this context of financial hegemony have been undermined.

Jane is also currently writing her book The Capitalist Production of ‘Ideals,’ to look at how the capitalist, neoliberal social, political and economic relations – that have developed from the 1970s and early 1980s, with the rise of finance and the profit culture – influence the way we interact with each other, especially through de-constructing neoliberal “ideals” that appear to be universal interests but are rather means of reinforcing the hegemonic political economy.

Her political activist blog was voted as one of the best 300 political blogs in Britain (Total Politics, 2010). Jane is self-employed and is enjoying working in the community sector for several organisations, primarily SilenceBreaker Media.

Jane is committed to furthering social justice through her left-leaning, socialist, vegan and feminist orientated writings and activism.

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