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Interviewing Richard Murphy on Money

So I got an interview under my belt today – discussing whether the government’s claims that we all have to tighten our belts are valid or not. You’ve all heard it: “There’s no money left.” Really? I seem to see as many, if not more, filthy rich people as ever before.

Richard Murphy is a financial reform activist frequently courted by The Guardian and Channel 4 for his research into tax avoidance and evasion and fair taxation, and we visited him in his office, where he maintains his blog, which gets thousands of hits every day.

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His interview helped us challenge the claims of the Tories in power that “there is no alternative” to austerity, that there’s less money to go around, and we all have to make do with less from now on.

I won’t spoil the interview for you, because you’ll catch it in the finished film, but the extent to which those allegations are false are likely to be beyond your wildest imagination. It blew me away just how much we’re being essentially lied to, because here is a guy who can back up every single one of his statements with facts and figures, and his only agenda is to seek a fairer society. That’s why he was key in setting up the Tax Justice Network. It turns out he’s good pals with Prem Sikka, who I interviewed on tax avoidance in my last film, Escape from Doncatraz.

One more thing: this guy is really nice, witty, and has an extremely cute dog which I couldn’t help but pet a bit during the interview.

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