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Damn Those Union Bosses Giving Workers Rights!

One of the few interviewees who accommodated us when we couldn’t film for longer in the overpriced freak-show that is London, was Communication Workers Union general secretary Billy Hayes – something our producer Jane Watkinson was really grateful for. And upon interviewing him in Leeds, his down-to-earth demeanour went towards explaining why he was so accommodating.


Today, I asked him about the abuse union bosses like him get in the media, which didn’t seem to faze him, and talked about how unions came about, why they’re important, what role they play today, and whether the Labour Party are so different from the Tories from the unions’ point of view.

Given former Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s crusade against workers’ rights, it was important that we acknowledged this Tory agenda while they are once again in power.

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